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Week 3 One Room Challenge

This week I am keeping it short and sweet because I really need to pack for highpoint market and I have hit three too many road blocks.

Designing a space during a pandemic is an extreme sport. 40% of what I have sourced and purchased is either backordered or lost at sea. So I now need to add sourcing back to my to-do list and will try to use my highpoint vendors to further create the space I have in mind. Here is a peak at the mood board that is evolving... again!

While I can appreciate where this is going, I can't say that I am a fan of this level of uncertainty, or limiting my options to in stock furnishing. My goal at this point is to bring out the contemporary global boutique hotel that I know lives within our mother in law suite.

See! still serving heat! BUT here comes a game of This or That..

The Living Room,

Small two seater commercial grade sofa that adds 2 twin beds to the Airbnb but the back is unfinished, and the fabric is way too dark


A modular sofa, that reads welcome, comfy, cozy and is available now.

This is the biggest dilemma for the living room, send help! Check out my stories to decide!

In the meantime, I am in Highpoint this week so this is where I leave you. In light of all the shipping containers sitting the middle of the ocean the design concept could change when I return.

Let me know what you guys think of the mood boards and be sure to check out other ORC participants here!

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