Demo Day or Dumpster Fire?

Welcome to Week II of our Whole Home One Room Challenge!

So lets start with the fact that the majority of you think I am completely out of my mind for taking on our entire Airbnb: Noted! lol but here we go!

Here is a recap of week II:

  • Demo the Walls, Floor and Ceiling in the Bedroom.

  • Lighting Challenge

  • Problem Solving in the Closet

  • Narrowing Down the Vision

Okay so here is where we left off, you know what the entire place looked liked when we purchased it. Here are a few updated shots from right before demo day. I want you guys to see exactly why the "walls" needed to go. Why the ceiling needed to be taken care of and the reason I am taking the closet unit to the next level.

These are the photos from our airbnb profile, moment of truth? Photoshop is real chile because the paneling on the wall was in bad shape, up close and personal.

Like seriously, bad shape!

So the very first thing we needed to do was tear it all out. I mentally prepared myself for the worse case scenario before opening up these walls, My husband, Justin lol on the other hand was not prepared and it showed. Lets refer to him this week as the banker LMBO.

I am almost certain that the inspirations from Jeepers Creeper can from these walls.

  1. There was insulation on the exterior walls but not the interior walls. $$$

  2. If was a coin toss on the electrical, most was run through the studs, then 20% of them were living young wild and free, and that is a huge no no, major hazard. $$$

  3. 30% of the insulation had sustained some water damage, $$$

  4. When we pulled the walls down we could see straight through to the ground outside in most places, Fun! $$$$

  5. The banker was concerned, and I was excited to problem solve lol because that is truly what design is all about.

Justin calling to see if he can return me to New Jersey and get his money back LOL.

No but seriously we had some crawlspace issues we needed to remediate quickly. One one side of the house was lattice fencing instead of brick. I am assuming the builder left this side open to vent the crawl space but he did not equate for the equal opportunity housing he was creating for the family of racoons, we had under the house ( yup I said Racoons ) so we had someone come out to clear our friends, remove a tree stub, build a wall, replace all of the flooring insulation and properly vent the crawl space. Cha Ching!

No really say it with me, CHA CHING! This took three different crews!

Now at this point I am thinking about scaling down the design concept because... well you guys see where the money is going, under the house :-( but Justin works in wealth management so of course there was a contingency but now it is gone friends. One of the first things I considered changing in the design to save money was the vibe. Originally I planned for this warm + moody getaway but that vision, done right, cost. So I considered light, bright and airy because affordability lives there is you ask me. I considered painting the floors but the only one I could get on board with that plan was Naomi and she's 3 so lol not the most reliable opinion.

Justin, and my install manager, Tennille came in and both looked at me with grave concern for my mental health in lieu of this option lol So full steam ahead with my moody cabin oasis!

Vibe Check!

Back to Demo!

Check us out!

  • No more popcorn ceiling

  • No more cheap paneling

  • No more icky carpet.

  • No more boob light fixtures!

We enlisted the help of some of my favorite people to work with.

My contractor Bret, knocked out all of the trim work and electrical. Get into the trim on the ceiling instead of the walls, remember the ceiling height is 7ft 1in.

Then Kevin from Krimson Kraftsmen came through on the late night paint job which I so appreciate. My 3 year old supervisor stepped in to show him a few techniques to add to his tool belt. If you're looking for a good company , easy to work with, tap into Krimson Kraftmen and tell them Muse Noire sent you! They've also just relaunched their ig so go give them a follow!

The moral of the story is here is we had a few setbacks but it is alllllll good!

Tennille and I were pretty excited to have these walls back up. We picked up some temporary outdoor carpet to roll out while we figure out flooring option. The only thing left to do in the bedroom is furnishing, the built ins annnnd a few surprises I have up my sleeve. I will check back with your guys later in this room. Until then, here is the sneak peak of the closet unit I designed. My friends over at Closet & Storage took my idea and drew up a draft!

ps the fixture I will share details on soon, my friends over at Hudson Valley Lighting Co. really came through with this perfect option for my 7ft ceilings!

To preface here is what we were workign with. #Yuck

Behind curtain # 1 is two hanging bars beside a really creepy pegboard that gives you access to the shower pluming lol Here is what will replace the curtain of curiosities!

From Yuck to Yassssssss!

On the left will be a closet unit, easy peasy, the middle is where I will problem solve having another bed on the property! There will be a twin sized murphy bed on the bottom and entertainment or art at top. Then for the traveler who reads, a small library and razzle dazzle to the right.

Well, that is all for this week, thank you for reading and following along. As you know, you can get behind the scene content from my Instagram @Muse.Noire.Interiors and be sure to check out the other participants at

Next up is the LIVING ROOM!


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