Full Steam Ahead in Week 6

I have come to the conclusion that I am most excited about revealing the space to you guys lol all the little projects in between... you know weeks 3-7 are really just stressing me out LOL.

As promised this weekend was all about the little projects before wrapping up a few big ones! Here is a sneak peak of the TO DO List!

  • Install new floor in the bedroom.

  • Paint the main living area.

  • Assemble all furniture

  • Mount the tv

  • Replace kitchen appliances

  • Refresh the kitchen cabinets

  • Wallpaper the dining nook.

  • Get the art framed

In full transparency I am over budget. So I had to call in some design friends for some free labor. Malik, of The Tailored Interiors cleared his entire weekend for me. So at this point I owe him a kidney. Pricilla, of MPB Interiors came though Friday evening and helped us get started. All in all, I would have been in shambles without them!

Here is the highlight reel in photos... and I will see you guys next week!

Check out the hundreds of other folks who are on this One Room Challenge journey alongside us with the help of media partner Better Homes & Gardens!

Ps. Do yall see this custom frame I created? Ugh! I'm like really good at this. I should be a designer :-)

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