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If you are new here, welcome to the party! If your are returning, welcome back my friends! I am Ashley Ross, founder + principal of Muse Noire Interiors and we create contemporary global homes for the culture. You can learn more about us on our instagram @Muse.Noire.Interiors and of course as continued readers of this blog but honestly, there is so much I need to share with you guys that I fully intend to keep this first one brief.


Okay so nine times out of ten, if you are here you probably already know about the the One Room Challenge is but if you don't, don't fret! ORC was created by this brilliant woman name Linda, and she teamed up with Media partner Better Homes & Gardens. Together they host this challenge among designers and design enthusiast to encourage home design around the world, yup, the world Craig! So you can find 20 featured participants, and 100's of guest participants all updating One Room over the course of 8 weeks. You can follow along by checking in on the ORC website, and clicking through to see everyone involved. When you tap on a photo it takes you to each persons blog and or instagram.


I just know you guys skipped ahead lol but if you didn't, here is what you have been waiting for! Shoot I've been waiting too, and you can clearly see why lol. For our second season of the ORC I will be transforming our families entire Airbnb! Think mother in law suite, fully equip with ONE BEDROOM, ONE BATH, A FULL KITCHEN, DINING NOOK AND LIVING ROOM! Continue reading if you thought one of the following thoughts

- Oh! she has lost it.

- Wait the Math ain't Math-ing ?

- Is this the Whole Home Challenge

- Oh this is going to be gooood! *Pops Popcorn"

So let me give you just a little context before we jump into the punch list. We moved to Charlotte in 2014, we rented for a year and towards the end of that stay we became airbnb host in our 4 bedroom rental. Since we were so close to the airport, almost all of our guest were people who missed their flights and just wanted to crash for a few hours. But our last guest in this rental was a long term guest who ended up moving into our current airbnb when we purchased our home with a whole separate home on the property. This is important because when I say we are always booked, and we have never been able to stay in our Airbnb property... I mean we are always booked. So! my financially conscious husband is giving me a very short window to pull this off because we have shut down the airbnb aka an income stream. So the first thing on my must have list is my marriage lol!

Before Photos Anyone?

You guys know I love a good before and after so I am share the photos of this place when we purchased the home. Because we moved in with a guest already in need of the property, the only thing we have ever done to the place is throw our old furniture in it and change the locks. hahaha

Did I mention we refer to the place as a cabin?


We were told the previous owners built this as a workshop, so lets just say design was not a priority - at all.

The Bedroom, Horror Film anyone!?

Bathroom, Meh!



If you are not excited, I would check your freaking pulse! This is only week one but I want to hear from you guys, on this blog, on instagram, via text... send a pigeon I don't care but I want all of your immediate reactions lol because this is RISKY! 8 weeks, in a Pandemic, 5 spaces, and my design street cred !

Wait I should totally host an IG live each week, yall coming? Come on @Muse.Noire.Interiors ! In the meantime, you can find all of the other amazing participants here!

See you guys again next Thursday, thank you for reading!

Your Muse,


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