One Room Challenge Week - 1

Updated: May 5, 2021

I am so excited to be participating in the One Room Challenge for the very first time. I have been on the fence for awhile, but One Room Challenge MVP Beth Diana Smith convinced me to go for it. I kept thinking I will participate when business slows down but Muse Noire is on fire and slowing down is not in the business plan.

For One Room Challenge first timers, here is what you should know. A really wise woman by the name of Linda Weinstein created the One Room Challenge to celebrate and encourage home design. Twice a year she host this challenge alongside Better Home and Garden as the official sponsor. There are 20 Designers, DIYers, and Influencers who are chosen as featured participants. The plan is to knock it out the park our first time and be asked to be a featured designer next time! ( God, and Linda did you hear that? ) lol Then there are guest participants from all around the world doing the same exact thing. Trying to pull one room together in just 8 weeks time. Each week viewers will have access to the process and elements used within everyone's design. The best place to access all of this juicy content is in blog form. The One Room Challenge website host everyones blog link. You can find some content on instagram but all the good stuff is always in the blog!

For Muse Noire first timers, I am Ashley Ross, Founder and Principal of this amazing full service design firm in Charlotte, NC We were founded with great interion to be safe space for creatives of color and all of our commercial and residential projects speak to a contemporary global aesthetic. Currently we're working on projects in Charlotte, Raleigh, Chicago, LA, Miami, and Harrisburg -so wish us luck in adding this ONE ROOM CHALLENGE !

One Room Challenge | Week 1 | Room & Inspiration Reveal

The Room | Muse Noire Founder Home Office

For me all design inspiration should start with one simple question, How do you want to feel in this space? We just moved into our headquarter space in Uptown Charlotte but since the business is growing and we have a miniature designer ( Naomi, age 3) at home the home office still gets quite a bit of use. I want this space to represent cultures of yesterday and today through our contemporary global aesthetic. I want to be reminded of the strength and beauty of women, especially black women as I am building Muse Noire. I want to introduce a way to layer earth tones and neutrals that does not scream BORING!

About our home:

My husband and I purchased this home in 2016. It is nestled into a quaint little historic district in Gastonia, NC and it was built in,,, You ready for this? 1920! Yes ONE NINE TWO ZERO! Luckily the owners before us had great pride in preserving all of its glory. All of the hardwood flooring is original to the home, as well as the interior doors and glass knobs. Here is a photo of the office when the previous owners were here.

The previous owner used this room as her tv room and the living room as a more formal sitting room.

The room for us did not have a real purpose until Naomi arrived in 2018. We used it as a playroom and on her first birthday it was the party room and I frantically wanted yellow off the wall and painting one wall green hours before the party. ( Bad Idea) Justin was not pleased or impressed lol Clearly I need supervision.

Can you tell we ( I ) was excited? lol and see the wall is not that bad!

But now the room clearly serves as a makeshift office, full of things once loved and a few functional items. I have always just put a little design bandaid on this space but now is the time to invest into the things I really truely want for this home office.

In true type A, everything must have a meaning fashion. I am adding another "challenge" to this One Room Challenge. And that is to only source furniture and decor from vendors who are of color, or allies of the black community. ( insert Tasha Smith's iconic dinner table ) * BOOM!*

Welp! that is enough for now, as you can see I have my work cut out for me. Just know I am just as must of a viewer as I am a participant so here are my top three One Room Challenge Feature Designers to watch...

Dressing Rooms Interiors

I love her style and she is representing the "home" team Charlotte Shop Keeper Ariene. If you are in the Charlotte are be sure to check out her shop!

The Brownstone Boys

I am a new fan and follower of these guys. They have set the bar pretty high in terms of what they want to accomplish in 8 weeks!

Victoria Lee Interiors

You guys know I am all about new designers owner their niche. Victoria is a newbie in the interior design industry and I love how committed she is to her building this dream. I see you sis!

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