One Room Challenge Week 3

It is week 3 of the One Room Challenge and I am finally in the room, it is beginning to feel real now. Let me walk you guys through this last week of events. There is quite a bit to take in so let me know what you think in the comments below, or on my Instagram!

Anyone Order A Clean Slate?

I waited as long as I possible could to clear my home office because.. duh I am working out of it lol So here goes... Here are the boxes I checked this week.

  • Cleared the built-ins, yup all 21 shelves.

  • Cleared the corners of design samples.

  • Disassembled my desk.

  • Removed all window treatment and hardware.

Now the question on everyone's mind I am sure is, where will I work for the next 5 weeks. Glad you "asked" For the next few weeks my primary work space will be the greenhouse in our backyard. I didn't have to move any into the greenhouse from the office. All of our house plants spend the summer in the greenhouse, so I had to had an extension cord, comfy seating, and a place for the mini. Easy Peasy right !? Check out that transformation on my Instagram page but here is the finished product. Its a temporary vibe.

Next up, paint samples! Full disclosure my husband will file for divorce if I paint a wall in our home. Lets just say it is not my calling ( side eye ) So painters have been scheduled! I still have to make up my mind on the paint shades. I had a little help from my Sherwin Williams Rep Shane! Shane slipped me an exclusive and I can not wait to share it with you guys. Check out these two samples, they are both from the Emerald Designer Collection. I am here for the one coat wins, even if I am not painting the wall myself. The creamy neutral is Sherwin Williams Minimalist and the moody earth tone is Sherwin Williams Nettle.

SW 9535 Nettle

SW 9611 Minimalist

If in this moment you are not as excited as I am let me break down this wall treatment for you:

  • There is a nook in the office, to the right is an external door and to the left is the laundry room. Long story short, it will be an extension to this office and this is where the wallpaper is going.

  • The 3 walls around the built in bookcases will be painted using the Emerald Designer Collection.

  • The Built in color? well lets keep something a secret!

But since I am keeping secrets. I will share a few finds with you this week, check it out.

Remember how I told you guys that my home office would be the culmination of women and black culture... I am a firm believer in you can't know where you are going without knowing where you come from. The design and decor in my office is dripping in the beautiful history of black culture and the role we as women have always played in that history, There's so much power in these 1950-1960s Jet Magazines. I am looking forward to walking into this office, and building a company surrounded by all of this history.

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