One Room Challenge Week 4

Hi Friends!

I hit a few hiccups this week in the room. The new trim should be up already along the wall and on the bookcase but it is not. lol (laugh to keep from crying) * Insert that How Would They Know?* soundbite. So I am going back to the drawing board based on the materials that are available before the office is painted on Tuesday! So this weeks blog post will be short but still very sweet!

Let me dig around in my office décor Santa bag to see what I want to share with you all this week!

So, many of you know this because you have been following me on instagram but my first career was not design! My first love and career path was in non profit fundraising. So this vintage beauty is a nod to the career I left behind for interior design. Check it out is is a Rare NAACP Fundraising Coin Bank from 1976. YES, you read that correctly, a vintage fundraising tin can from the National Association for the Advancement of Color People.

Just in case you are a little tardy to the party you should know that the design concept for my home office surrounds the stories of women, and culture. And that I am aiming to design only using furniture and décor from black vendors or allies of the black community.

Anyone wondering where I found this gem? Ashley have you been scouring the earth to find these magical elements in black history? No way, but there are two beautiful women who have made this their mission in life and they frequently add new gems like this to their shop. They are Blk Mkt Vintage and you can shop their store front in Brooklyn or the online shop.

I hope this will hold you guys over for this holiday weekend and I will try not to second guess my paint decision anymore lol The paint has been ordered. So you guys hold me to the top samples, Sherwin Williams Nettle ( the green ) and Slumber Sloth ( creamy off white )

Bottom Row: Left to Right Sherwin Williams - Best Bronze - Cocoon - Muddled Basil - Garden Gate You guys let me know if I should swap out for a shade on the bottom in the comments! Next week we're on some kind of molding annnnnnnd paint!

ORC Wk 4 - Le Struggle

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