One Room Challenge Week 5

Let the games begin! Okay so I have to be honest here, I have been so overwhelmed with all of the things that it has taken me 5 whole weeks to really get excited about the one room challenge.

Read: I am excited because the office is finally painted! AHHHHHHHHHH!

Before you scroll to see the fresh coat of paint let me just remind you of how far we have come lol. I'm not saying all yellow interior walls are disgusting, I'm just saying I never met a yellow room that did not make me want to earl. And now the yellow is gone forever. This photo is from the previous owner of our home.

I told you guys we were going dark and moody in this office and I meant it. This inspo photo of how I wanted the office to feel should be making more sense now. I will bring it back for a side by side of the completed office at the end.

Artistic Painting & Home Design came through and did their thing. I am a sucker for matching my walls with the trim and Brandon did an amazing job bringing my vision to life. We have this texture on our walls throughout our entire home so there was only one brand in mind when I considered a flawless option. The Emerald Designer Edition Color Collection by Sherwin Williams is seriously stunning. Check it out!

Colors: SW 9535 Nettle and SW 9606 Slumber Sloth

My little photos really don't do the room justice but let me tell you, the room has been resuscitated. I ordered all new cover plates for the switches and outlets and guess what!? The crown molding and trim that did not arrive before the room was painted... It has since arrived so it is a toss up on if it goes up or not because of course it has to be painted so IDK. I don't want to move backwards but YOLO right?

Next up is the light fixture, wallpaper, framing art and window treatment... whew chile I thought I was almost done. Check out my Instagram @Muse.Noire.Interiors stories and highlight tab for behind the scene footage of what was completed this week!

ps. Highpoint Market is this week and the plan is to find a chair the knocks my socks off for the office. How I already have seating for Naomi in my office is beyond me. As always, thank you for visiting. Drop me a line below or on Instagram to let me know what you want to see and what you think!

Big Big Thanks to Sherwin Williams and my rep Shane for sponsoring the paint!

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