One Room Challenge Wk 2

Whose idea was this again? I am swamped with client work, but I am here!

Okay this week I want to give you all a sneak peak of some of the intentional décor you'll find in my home office. As you know from reading the blog last week, This office is an ode to women, particularly black women and I want to achieve this through this earthy moody office tone and contemporary global aesthetic. The rendering for the space is almost complete so here comes the design details and a few must haves in decor!

Here is my big girl panty to do list...

  • Prepare for wallpaper by painting the green wall back white

  • Cut the new arches for the built ins

  • To crown or not to crown ?

  • Install the Wallpaper lol Hire someone to Install the wallpaper

  • Build close storage areas for the last two built in shelves. ( Door and Drawers)

  • Swap out the light fixture

Again whose idea was this??? LOL

So the game changer in this space is obviously going to be the drastic change in color, however I think that the built ins are going to an element to look out for. If there a such thing as a muted pinkish brown? I'll find out on Tuesday when I sit down with my paint rep. I will keep you guys posted, duh!

Here are a few sneak peaks at my decor must have list and of course a few photos. Hopefully this will hold you over until next week!

Must Haves:

  • A non traditional work desk.

  • Comfortable task chair.

  • Inspirational Art

  • Cozy lounge seating to read

  • One show stopping light fixture

  • Black Pencils ( I'm a pencil girl )

  • Living Plants

  • Something Fun and Unexpected

  • hidden Storage

  • Vintage Items that speak to Black culture.

  • And an Area for my mini to hangout.

Easy Peasy Right?

Art Anyone?

How can you not remain motivated looking into these eyes!? This work of art is absolutely stunning in person and I can not wait to get her back from being framed!

I could write a dissertation on why I love this drawing. I will spare you for now and do a deeper dive in the weeks to come.

What's a fabulous bookcase without a set of incredibly intentional books. Here what I picked up this past week. I also plan to visit featured designer Arienne of Dress My Room. She owns a shop in Charlotte and I'll be popping in this weekend to snag a few decor items from here. Ps. Did you know she has a curated coffee table selection based on the black experience ? Thank me later!

Okay, I will share one more thing before I get back to work. I feel good about sharing one of the rugs for the office because you mouth will water when you see just how I plan to layer it!!!

Mmmhmm you were not expecting this choice from this contemporary girl, I know but listen.... there are layers to this One Room Challenge first timer! Until next time friends, catch an early preview on our instagram and I promise you'll catch me hard at work in the office Week 3, no one panic lol

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