One Room Challenge WK 7

Like every other participant I am totally freaking out this week lol we were just in week one, what happen? If we made it this far we are certainly making our way to the finish line, you better believe that! Here is a recap before we jump fully into what is left.

This week I found a new obsession... custom frame stacking! OMG I created some of thee most beautiful custom frames and I can not wait to see the works of artist I really love in the frames I designed. Check out some of the combinations I put together and let me know what you think.

Another win for the week is that almost all of the major furniture items are in!


Occasional Chair

Footrest / Stools

Play Station for the kiddo

Work Station for the kiddo

Area Rug

The light fixture and desk chair is scheduled to arrive on Tuesday and the Photography will be on site Wednesday! Now I wish all this good news arrived without challenges but of course that is not the case. Our entire home has textured walls. I personally have a love hate relationship with it. It is the first thing I tell anyone coming in to do work in our home. Somehow the wallpaper installers missed this very important element. So the wall needs to be skimmed smooth before they install the paper. Now you know I am team HIRE a PROFESSIONAL but I am not interested in paying anymore than I need to for this pop of paper lol. So I need to skim and prime the area before they arrive. Its not that I cant DIY, its the time it takes to get a professional finish. In addition to this minor set back the window treatment will not arrive on time so I am going to improvise like no bodies business! Did I mention that I love the problem solving aspect of Interior Design? Yeah I am not worried at all ( covers camera to cry )

Okay now to the thick of why you are here this week. I want to dedicate this weeks blog to the vendors who have so graciously sponsored this room. As you know, this is my home office and I have been spending more time here than our headquarters in uptown Charlotte. In light of the heavy use of this space I knew exactly how I needed it to feel before I knew what I wanted it to look like. I knew I wanted to feel embraced by women and culture each time I enter the room, I knew for sure that I wanted the majority of the furniture and décor to be sourced from vendors who know kindness for all. From my desk to the paint on the walls, I am grateful for the vote of confidence from you all.

Lets gent into the work station first!

From the moment I stepped foot in the Verellen showroom I knew this place, the owners, and staff were unlike any other place I had been. The energy was unmatched and I could write an entire blog or dissertation about how I feel about my Verellen family. So when I entered this One Room Challenge and decided to remodel my office, I knew exactly where my workstation would come from; the people who have always pulled up a chair to a seat at the table, Verellen. This is the kind of intention I am requiring of this space. I first saw the Bruges table as a conference table during a HPxD event, and Verellen customized the dimensions for me to use it as a desk!

Conference Table ( Yes that is hair on hide ) The photo does it no justice.

My custom desk with white hair on hide! I despise junk drawers so this will keep me on the straight and narrow lol

Next I have to get into the paint sponsored by my Sherwin Williams rep Shane! I have share the colors with you all through this entire journey so there is not much to say here but Thank you Shane and Sherwin Williams

The Area Rug, sponsored by Loloi Rugs who continue to showcase my favorite collection by Justina Blakely. Thank you to my rep Randy and VP John. Thank you for the support of an existing client turned first time ORC guest participant!

The Occasional chair is one that I have had my eye on since pre market in April. During this past market the Founders of Alder & Tweed allowed me to purchase the model they had on hand to meet my deadline. Since the moment Ryan and dad loaded it up in my truck I have been pretty freaking stoked! Thanks guys!

Last but certainly not least, is thee most beautiful scent and vessel from my friends over at 1889 Candle! It was a pretty hard decision between Trapper and Renegade and you will have to tune in next week to find out which scent I chose. In the meantime you should check them out. My favorite scents include, Trapper, Renegade, Chief and Madam. I will tell you this, the Vessel I chose is made of feather, and horse hair and built to last a lifetime as it was hand spun and finished with Rose Quartz! John, thank you so very much for your talent and kindness!

Photo Cred: The beautiful and talented Kaitlyn Porter @Kaitport

With the help of these amazing people and vendors the room is coming together beautifully and I can not wait to show it to you through the lens of Tayla who will be shooting the finished room and making her photographer debut with not just me but another One Room Challenge designer, Arienes of Dressing Room Interiors!

For next weeks reveal I want you guys to make a night of it with me. Grab a glass of wine for the reveal Friday night and maybe I'll also do a live and chat with you guys!

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