One Room Challenge Wk6

Hi friends, can we just consider this weeks blog post a picture book? Lol no seriously there is so much work that has to be done that writing feels a lot like procrastination. Send help! A couple of things that were suppose to be here 2 weeks ago have arrived! I spent the last 4 days in Highpoint at Market and thankfully I was able to snag a few solution to my problem aka a substitution for 1 item that will not make it on time.

...because interior designers are mission driven problem solvers with great taste.

Now I know you’re getting step by step tips with others participating but I'm a story teller through and through so I really don’t want you guys to know how it ends until we’re in week 8 for the big reveal. Hence this SNEAK PEEK!

Design & Décor Drama Loading…

The Occasional Chair is in, ugh! I can not wait to share all of my very special vendors for this project.

There are a few design elements in route like the primary light fixture, area rug, shades, task chair, and custom art frames so lets cross our fingers, and toes that they all arrive on time. You know the crazy part about this is the One Room Challenge is usually 6 weeks and not 8 weeks. Lets just say I am grateful for the additional 2 weeks because I would be swimming in a pool of tears without them.

If some how you are only following my One Room Challenge trust me when I tell you that you are missing out! Tap here to follow along with a few other transformations happening around the world!


Light Installation

Window Treatment

Trim Install and Painting

Wallpaper Installation

annnnnnd Art!

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