ORC Finale!

We did it Joe!

Before jumping into the before and after shots that you have all come for let me say this. Thank you! I started this blog just to make the most out of participating in the One Room Challenge. I thought okay, I will create the blog but I am not sure anyone will read it or comment here on this platform and I was completely wrong. So I appreciate everyone who reads this. There are a whole host of people participating in this challenge and then a handful of interior designers, so I also want to speak to the vantage point of of Muse Noire Interiors, where I am committed to designing spaces that cultivate a sense of interior wellness to best support my clients as they build the life of their dreams. Home is a direct reflection of how and where we were raised. Some people look back and take all the good from their upbringing and build from that. Others might acknowledge the elements of home that were not so great and create a home in the opposite. I meet clients at the intersection of where they currently exist and the ideal life they envision. Through a global lens Muse Noire curates’ homes for the culture.

This was my first time in the client seat but nothing changed in terms of the finished product, and intention of design. For context Justin and I purchased this home in 2016, this was a generational curse breaking moment for us as first time homeowners. When we purchased the house we knew we needed paint and kitchen updates, That is it lol. We were just excited to be here all 2016, in 2017 our funds went to our wedding in France, in 2018 our funds went into the prep and birth of our mini, 2019 we blew a check on childcare lol, 2020 will go undefined and here we are in 2021 making strides toward creating the magic that I make for clients everyday.

So here we go!

Where We Started ( When we viewed the home ) 2016

Where We Are Today

This space is a culmination of both grounding and soaring inspiration. I set out to be fully embraced by this room and I did that. The art and décor remind me that what I have set out to build is much bigger than me. The vibe is so intentional that it lifts me upon entry. Let me break a few elements down for you.

I needed Naomi ( 3) to know that there is always space for her in here, whether she wants to play or relax there is room for her to do just that. She can relax in this plus seashell swivel chair and play entrepreneur at her lemonade/ ice cream/ muffin stand lol either way she knows she is always welcome in mummy's office. We created this canvas that sits behind this Mars & Christina Martinez collab.

This little nook leads to our laundry room and has been blessed with Gee Horton's beautiful "Me Against the World" work of art. I created this custom frame through Michaels and I could not be more thrilled about how it came out. Beneath it is Hilton Carters propagation wall mount. These two are just dreamy paired. The beaded necklaces can be found in the Muse Noire Bali collection.

I'm sorry can we run it back to the view upon entry!? Okay let me break this down for you floor to ceiling. The rug is from Loloi rug but can be purchased through Muse Noire Interiors. The occasional, chair is Alder & Tweed and can also be purchased through us. The wallpaper on the ceiling is Gucci Lillie's and it comes in one other color way that is just fly! The Bali fans used as a valance are sold out through Muse Noire.

Now to the built ins and work station. I initially wanted to change the three column to arch openings. It did not come together and remember that I wanted to close the bottom two shelves with doors well that did not happen either but I know for sure I will circle back on getting the doors done! The art in the center is a another beauty from Christina Martinez, I love how she portrays women and the consistent reminder to grow. This one is titled Movement and I designed the frame! If you have been following me for a while you know that all my plants are from Malones Succulent Greenhouse. The vintage JET magazines are from the sweetest little Etsy shop name The Black History Hut

A moment for the vintage Jet Magazines

I seriously wish you guys could smell 1889 candle this through the post. Every scent from these guys is amazing but I had to choose one to bless this stunning vessel they created from feathers, horse hair and finished with rose quarts. Did I mention that this bad boy was hand spun? Lets just all agree that this candle is special and because it is special I travelled to New Orleans to visit the Eclectic Home to find the perfect match set. The vessel the matches come in all had different poems on them and I chose this "Nothing becomes familiar in the dark. So be a flame. Be a flame, if only to evidence time's metronome, reacting to invisible tides... I mean HELLO ! This speaks directly to my mission to be a flame for people of color in the design industry to, yes to all of that

Oh and yes that is a 2nd edition of Native Son!

The other show stopper on the built ins is the nod to my work and past career as a fundraiser. The vintage NAACP fundraising can reminds me of what brought me here, and the good news is if you love it as much as I do there is another one left on the Blk Mkt Vintage site. During the pandemic, Justin and I got into the habit of having champagne toast during the week to celebrate wins before they rolled in. To commemorate the celebration that grew from this time we will never forget I travelled to Newark for the grand opening of The Black Home and snagged a stunning champagne glass set and a few other things!

This stunning lithograph is also from Blk Mkt Vintage and I was in love from the moment I saw her. This is obviously a real person, but it is not someone I know; nor do I know the shooter. All I know is that that Blk Mkt Vintage was out sourcing vintage black goods and stumbled across this woman's portrait. I could not imagine her sitting in a thrift shop collecting dust so I decided to give her a home, and dress her up in a pretty pricey custom frame. For me, it does not matter the woman or level of familiarity, I will always make space for women to shine.

This collection from Troy Lighting is a contemporary showstopper. Check out the entire collection, my favorite is the single bulb.

Photos will never do this Bruges Desk justice, just know that it is a stunning hair on hide master piece from Verellen and it sets the tone for the room. I plan to have all clear acrylic essentials because I want to see all parts of this masterpiece at all times! I was able to secure this acrylic tray from a featured designer for the One Room Challenge, Dressing Rooms along with a handful of coffee table books you'll find all around the room.

As you can see the aesthetic I lean into most organically is inspired by the life I have created for myself, as a globetrotter and the stark contrast of where/how I was raised. Having visited 4 continents and 15 countries I will forever be inspired by culture- mine, yours, and every custom and tradition in between. There is so much beauty in experiencing the culture of others around the world. I hope you have enjoyed a glimpse into my world and that you continue to follow along my journey through the site and my instragram or book a complimentary discovery call hire me as your Interior Designer!

Talk soon friends, if you have additional questions about where anything is from shoot me over a DM or message in these comments and I'll happily answer.

Photography by Tayla with @OurBrickHouseStyle and a few iphone shots by me lol

Stay tapped into my Instagram to see a few projects I did not get to in this space, I will do a behind the scenes of the reshoot!

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