The 1/2 way mark

Hey Friends Hey!

I am home from the high that is Highpoint Market. I travelled down early to resolve a few stock, issues for this project and many others. Just in case you have been under a rock or have only ordered from Amazon this past year lol... The design community is slammed with orders just sitting on the water and at this point it is the nature of the beast. We are rolling with the punches and praying that this supply chain, labor shortage situation resolves it self quickly.

Nevertheless, I want to use this blog post to tell you how I plan to troubleshoot! Because I have been travelling, we opened up our calendar, to accept a 12 day reservation. We were blowing money fast lol so it worked out perfectly. Our guest actually check out today so it worked out. Recouped a couple bucks and we're still on schedule to wrap up a week before the reveal.

  • Today we pickup a brand spanking new sofa sectional. And surprise, it is neither of the two sofas I was considering lol ( You can check this out on my Instagram)

  • We are selling the the old sofa but first we will Marie Condo it for sure. Because it has taken us this far.

  • The dining table arrived today so I will assemble and install that today as well! The biggest pain point is making sure the open floor plan is not over whelmed by the furniture. We're going for cozy, warm welcoming but not at the expensive of great design.

  • The additional bed, a twin size murphy bed has also arrived and I am over the moon about the functionality. I did however completely forget that the shell is white and the custom built ins designed to house it is black. Instead of painting it, I think I am going to wallpaper the shell.

  • Then there is art on the way, and art that has landed. Check out what is loading...

Next week we paint the living room and and kitchen! But the bulk of me playing catch up will have to live on instagram, after our guest check out in a few hours! See you there?

I also need to play catch up with a few participants in the ORC, let me know who you guys have been tapped into so I can follow suit!

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