The Weakest Week

Okay, so just to jump right to it. This is the week I seriously consider throwing in the towel. So much so that I have not even walked into the space. Perception might tell you, oh for designers in this challenge this is a piece of cake but I might argue that it is harder for us. OR at least for me lol.

Every planned wow moment is sitting on the water all wrapped up in the shipping crisis. So there have been so many pivots that I have gone in several circles. As a designer I do not shop a ton of retail and because this is our Airbnb, I would prefer commercial grade furniture and materials. Nevertheless, I phoned a design friend, Malik with the Tailored Interiors and said Malik I quit! And after a stern talking to I was back on track to figuring this out. So, much like the avengers lol my design friends are travelling down to help me knock this 8 week whole home reno out of the park.

So all you need to know for now is that the new sofa is here and help is on the way! Check out other participants that may not have been crying about their space this week here at One Room Challenge

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