Yesterdays Price is Not Todays Price

The nightly rate is going UP on our Airbnb and I owe it all to the One Room Challenge!

Ashley Ross, Founder + Principal Muse Noire Interiors

Quick note before jumping into this reveal though. Justin and I have been Airbnb host since 2015. The investment means a lot to our little millennial family. For six years we have shuffled our old, things, and used furniture from our friends, in and out of this investment property. For six years we have been booked 90% of the time and until this we have never stayed the night in the place. I wanted to design a space that we would be proud of, that we would find refuge in if we wanted... and now we have exactly that.

As for our guest we will host! My hope is that no matter the reason behind their travel, they are comfortable during their stay. The elements within the design concept subtly encourage guest to be curious and keep moving!

Okay I'll be quiet now and allow this Whole Home Challenge to speak for itself!



Kitchen Before

Kitchen After

Entertainment Corner Before

Entertainment Corner After

Dining Nook Before

Dining Nook After

Bedroom Before

Eeeeeek I hope you love it as much as I do! Special thanks to my photographer Laura Sumrak !

While this is the last week of the One Room Challenge and it should coincide with the last blog post. There will be a bonus post with all the details of the design! But you'll have to be following Muse Noire Interiors of Instagram!

Thank you again to everyone who made this possible, all trades, all friends, and all vendors!

For a live walk through of our Airbnb, join me of IG Live Friday @ 5:30pm est.

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