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This is the best 6pack you've evr purchased! Youre in for a live deep dive into all of the things. These 90 minute sessions are packed full of gems and will take you from concept to implementation. 


All sessions are live and we will consult on the best date for the small class. Each Course is capped at 5 designers so that we can provide adequate support before, during and after each session. 


Our Course Offerings

Your Process Your Way + A deep dive into building or redesigning both your internal and external design process. 


The Gram 101 + Learn how I nailed instagram and how you can do the same in your next 9 post. 


The Price is The Price + Figuring out how to charge and what to charge is tough. This course has you covered on charging properly and having the confidence to say your numbers out loud with great pride. 


Virtual Luxe + How to offer a luxury eDesign package, every step from client intake to your portfolio. 


Wholesale, Highpoint and Hot Topics + The who what when where and why of wholesale furniture. How to make the most out of Highpoint Market and a few hot topics in the design community you don't want to miss. 


Press, Press, Press, Press, Press + How to get ready, stay ready and why your POV is just as important as seeing your designs in print. 

MuseEDU Six Courses

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  • We designed these courses to close a knowledge gap withing the design community. Our promise is take you on a 90 minute live exploration of each topic. In each session there is time to implement and ask content relevant questions. In light of this, there are absolutely no refunds availible. 

    Courses will not be shared, if a session is missed. Consider this Vegas. What happens here stays here! 

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