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14 Home Furnishing + Decor Selections You Could Totally Pull Off as an Adult.

Before we jump into the top 14 contemporary global Barbiecore products, let's clarify what Barbiecore entails. Barbie’s association with pink, thanks to Mattel’s branding efforts, is undeniable. But have you ever considered what pink truly represents here? The designated hues and extensive use of Barbie pink have always symbolized confidence to me. After all, she's an adult doll who confidently embraces this color as if no other exists. Barbiecore is an aesthetic deeply grounded in self-awareness, pride, and confidence. It’s also fun-forward, unafraid to break design rules, and consistently prioritizes form over function.

The nostalgic essence of Barbiecore lies in its youthful roots, which sometimes makes it challenging for us to translate our love for Barbie into our adult lives. To bridge this gap, we’ve curated this short list of products to help you achieve a mature Barbiecore feel, drawing inspiration from the design aesthetic Muse Noire is known for; contemporary global.

1. Our list begins with a nod to the overstated luxury that is World of Eichholtz. Here we address the luxuries of high tea and the desired glamour that Barbie is accustomed to. Among their extensive lighting line lies all the glam and sparkle Barbies heart could desire.

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2. Next up on our list is the understated luxury of Ben Johnston's Adriano bar cabinet for Chaddock. The clever use of materials creates a perfect balance of global luxe, offering visual texture and grounded vibes with the combination of two different wood tones when opened.

3. Moving on to the third item, we have a super sweet Dior table tennis set that perfectly embodies the fun-forward aspects of Barbiecore.

4. Next, we dive headfirst into rich auntie territory with the Segovia coffee table from Verellen. The hair-on-hide wood combo exudes global glam! Reading us in on the generational wealth of Barbie. #PinkPong

5. After several decades, we can all agree that Barbie is in her soft girl era, and the Victoria chandelier from Ro Sham Beaux reinforces exactly that.

6. The Ngala Trading Co and their ostrich daybed give us well-traveled Barbie, giving those "bring me a lemonade Jeffrey" vibes (apologies to anyone named Jeffrey). I wonder if this daybed comes with a butlers bell?

7. Lulu and Georgia have always seemed like a girl's girl to me, constantly uplifting us with their curated collections. In my head, this was Barbie's first big girl bed, think teen Barbie, think Skipper.

8. Arte understood the assignment when they made the Palafritas wallpaper, giving us a glimpse of Barbieland... in the Amazon jungle!

9. The Tigmi daybed is a contemporary nod to the '60s, reminiscent of Brady Bunch Barbie. Look in the mirror and scream Marsha, Marsha, Marsha and this daybed will appear!

10. Remember how we talked about form over function? *Slash Objects enters the chat* Their Adri occasional chair is art before any consideration of its utilitarian purpose. I’LL TAKE TWO!

11. OMG, I've used this rug in our award-winning Barbie bachelorette pad project, and let me just say, the photo does it no justice. If Barbie was cast in Aladdin, this would be her magic carpet, I am sure of it.

12. Well before we all jumped on this Barbie train, photographer David Parise launched Vintage Barbie and Ken! A series of lifelike photographs where he curates these shots of Barbie and friends. To use them in an adult space, I think you have to fully commit and purchase the largest size you can and allow it to stand alone.

13. Does the Lola Sofa even need an introduction? Yeah, I didn't think so either.

14. Another Barbie banger from Lulu and Georgia closes out our list. The Cariad Moroccan rugs pattern play is equally as timeless as Barbie herself.

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Updated: Oct 18, 2022

While I'd love to catch up with my fellow alums at my beloved HBCU... we're headed to the furniture capitol of the world!

Here is a sneak peek of where you can find us during Market.

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